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At some point, all business will be involved in a dispute, whether with a supplier, customer, another business or staff, but this does not have to end up in court.  Litigation does not truly resolve disputes, it provides monetary compensation and in some situations, an injunction. This may be all that is needed in some situations, but in many cases, litigation can be unsatisfactory.  Mediation can enable businesses to resolve their disputes.

Mediation provides businesses with a flexible process that can be customised to your needs, ensuring confidentiality and so allowing you to focus on the key commercial issues. Mediating a dispute puts the parties in control, enabling them to develop creative solutions and to rebuild and preserve ongoing relationships with the other parties as well as improving communications. Mediation is much more cost-effective than a court case or even arbitration and takes far less time.  The CEDR 2014 Mediation Audit found that in 86% of cases, mediation produced settlements either on the day of mediation or soon after.

Small and medium sized businesses can significantly benefit from mediation. These businesses may have limited resources to deal with disputes and need to focus their attention on maintaining and growing the business. Mediation can be a fast and effective way for small and medium sized businesses to deal with disputes.

You can find more information about mediating workplace and employment disputes or civil and commercial disputes in our mediation services section

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Meet the team

Meet The Team

Simon Robinson is a qualified mediator and mediates in family, employment, civil and commercial disputes. Simon mediates alone, and also co-mediates where appropriate with qualified professional colleagues.